Top 5 Countries To Study, Work And Settle Abroad

Top 5 Countries To Study, Work And Settle Abroad

Study Abroad, Work Abroad and Settle Abroad is the dream of every graduate so today we’ll breakdown, top 5 countries to study, work and settle for Indian students ( or any international students)

No.5 – UK Comparatively affordable fees great universities and amazing exposure to European culture during the study, your work rights depend on your college or university (work rights upto 20hrs/wk) So when you apply for a UK study visa for the first time you get a visa for the duration of your course plus 4 months (post-study) when you finish your course of study then in these 4 months, you’ll have to find an employer or sponsor for tier 1 or tier 2 visa which are work visas. To obtain the permanent residency of Uk, you’ll have to stay in the country for at least 5 years on a valid work visa once you complete that 5 years period with all the requirements you’ll can apply for a permanent residency and that will be an indefinite stay visa.

No.4 – USA Before 2016 this used to be the no.1 choice for international students globally but still USA is a good destination if you really want to study After finishing your course of study, if you want to remain in the country, you’ll need a work visa H1 Visa this visa is sponsored by a company or an employer. and if you want to apply for a permanent residency usually known as the green card The application process depends on the category you are applying through but the waiting period for the green card is too long and you’ll have to maintain a valid visa status during that waiting time at the moment the waiting time is way too long even 15-20 years sometimes it depends on the category by which the visa is being applied.

No – 3 Germany if you have a science, medicine or engineering background then you should really consider Germany because they have very advanced technology and education is free of cost many German universities are free of cost but you’ll have to bear your cost of living which is not too high once you finish your studies then you can 12-18 months post-study visa where you can Search for a job So, if you work hard during your course and you take up an internship during the study chances are you can find a job in Germany immediately in case you don’t find a job immediately after the internship you still have an option to apply for a post-study visa which is for 12-18 months and you can search for once you get an employment offer from a company and if they sponsor you, you’ll have 2 visa options one is a German Resident Permit another one is an EU Blue Card both visas have their own requirements but once you live in the county on a resident visa then you’ll qualify for a permanent residency in Germany. the major hurdle in Germany is that you’ll need to learn the German language if you want to survive in the country but considering the power of the german passport one of the most powerful passports in the world the hard work for it seems reasonable One.

No-2 – Australia In Australia, tuition fees are high Cost of living can’t be branded as too high as compared to the income in Australia, the cost of living is reasonable opportunities for a professional career are great but you’ll need to have proper certifications, internships and training then you can go for a professional career when you finish your studies during the course time, you have 20 hours per week work rights as per the law once you finish your bachelors or masters course you’ll be qualified for a 24 months post-study work visa which has unlimited work rights but during these 2 years of post-study visa, you’ll have to start preparing for your PR application the permanent residency program of Australia is a point-based program you need to have minimum 65 points to be eligible then to get an ITA, you need to meet the point requirements as per the occupation you applied for Australia is on no-2 on our list due to the new immigration policies, which made it difficult to obtain a permanent residency and increased the points requirement due to which many students are struggling but still, it’s not impossible.

No-1 – Canada college and university tuition fees are low compared to Australia if you apply for a 2 yr course and when you finish your course, you’ll get a 3 years work permit which is very good Canada brought new immigration rules in 2015 due to which, the Candian immigration process became very simple and easy the process is also known as Express Entry once you meet the points requirement for express entry you can just apply for permanent residency.

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