Top 6 Veterinary Schools in the World

Top 6 Veterinary Schools in the World

today we’re gonna be talking about the Top 6 Veterinary Science Schools in the world. Now just a little bit of a disclaimer before we get started. These rankings come from the QS Rankings of schools which take into account such factors as employer reputation, academic scholarship, and the H-index.

So this is by no means the definative ranking of top veterinary science schools in the world. And if you wanna know more about what might be the best veterinary school for you, if you are considering becoming a veterinarian, click the link below for a free academic consulation with one one of our academic experts who can walk you through all of the steps to figure out the school of your dreams and how to get there. All right let’s get started. Number six on our list is the University of Edinburgh Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies. The Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies is one of the oldest veterinary schools in the world founded by William Dick in the year 1823.

Edinburgh is renowned for both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Veterinary Studies and is most known for the Roslin Institute, which is known for cloning Dolly the sheep. (sheep bleating) In addition to being known for cloning Dolly the sheep, The University of Edinburgh opened a new teaching campus in 2011 to provide even more amenities for its students in Veterinary Studies. Number five on our list is Cornell University.

If you click right here, you can check out a day in the life of an Animal Science student, Grant Gilbert at Cornell University. It’s an amazing video, you can take a look at what Grant does day to day. He takes us to the farm at Cornell University, he talks to us about the types of assignment he’s had in terms of birthing sheep and in terms of reaching into the fistulas of cows, it’s some wacky stuff. Great video, check it out for a more in depth look at Animal Sciences at Cornell. But a little bit more information about the Cornell University world renown Veterinary Science programs.

The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine is world renown for PhD programs, DVN programs, and master’s programs. They also offer combined degree programs so that you can study Animal Science and Veterinary Science at Cornell while also taking full advantage of many of their liberal arts offerings. Number four on our list is the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The Department of Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge is renown for having a very small intimate cohort, they only have about 60 to 70 students per year.

It means that they offer a lot of hands on clinical research on farms dealing directly with cattle, dealing directly with animals, and having a close relationship with professors. It’s a multi-disciplinary department meaning that students in the Department of Veterinary Medicine work with students in many many other STEM programs across the University of Cambridge as they pursue their veterinary studies.

They have 200 cows, I can’t emphasize this enough, they have a herd of 200 cattle that are there for research purposes for their veterinary students. Number three on our list takes us to the Netherlands with Utrecht University. The faculty of Veterinarian Medicine at Utrecht University is the only place you can study to be a veterinarian in the Netherlands. And it’s the third best one in the world. Utrecht offers both a master’s program in specializing in farm animals and in overall veterinary public health. The Veterinary Medicine program at Utrecht is fully accredited across Europe, the United States, and Canada. So even though it’s way off in the Netherlands, you can be sure that if you’re getting your Veterinary Degree at Utrecht, you can go anywhere in the world to practice veterinary medicine.

The one thing to note is that if you’re pursuing the master’s program in Farm Animal and Veterinary Public Health you do need to have a proficiency both in English and in Dutch. So for at least that reason I will not be attending Utrecht for a Veterinary Medicine and Farm Animal. Number two on our list is UC Davis, or the University of California Davis. The Veterinarian medicine Program at UC Davis prides itself both on giving students both the entire set of tools they need to go from an undergraduate degree to becoming a veterinarian and to giving folks who already have a background in veterinary medicine or in medicine in general the more specific tools that they need to push them to the edge to become a veterinarian.

The school focuses on specific learning outcomes, they provide eight of them. Basic science, para-clinical and clinical knowledge, business, communication skills, ethics, entry level clinical skills, professionalism, problem solving and more so you can tell at UC Davis they’re focused not just on the science of it, on the anatomy, on the veterinary science, but also on the practical skills that you need to start your own business as a veterinarian or to enter the business space and to have a more holistic knowledge and approach and tool set to be able to become a successful veterinarian.

Number one on the list is the Royal Veterinary College in the UK which is the oldest veterinary university in the English speaking world. When the college was created in 1791, it basically marked the creation of the profession of being a veterinarian in the English speaking world. RVC is the best in so many ways, it’s the only veterinary school in the world to hold the highest accreditation from the AVMA, the American Veterinary Medical Association, the EAVE, the European Association of Establishments of Veterinary Education, the RCVS, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, and the AVBC, the Australian Veterinary Board’s Council Incorporated.

Oh, and the Royal Society of Biology. So all of the places that matter in terms of accreditation when it comes to Veterinary Science think that RVC is the best in the world. If you wanna be the best veterinarian you could possibly be, go to RVC, it’s the place to be, are you kidding me? It’s in the name! It started to rain so I’m gonna wrap up this video, that was the top six veterinary schools on the planet. Again though it doesn’t mean that it’s the veterinary school that’s right for you.

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