Today we are going to talk about study in Spain. There are many myths and questions that I’ll resolve from the compulsion of IELTS and free education to PR and stay back options. So please watch till the end so you don’t miss on any details. Spain is one of the largest countries in southern Europe with over 47 Million people. And the noticeable thing is that it is a high income country or a rich country so you can expect decent income here. There are many fun facts as well. If you have seen Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara then you might know that Spain is popular for the La Tomatina festival, bull fights, fiesta, its parties and of course football.

For international students I’d describe Spain in one statement only, that “if you want to enjoy your International Student life then Spain is the country for you. I have seen many students from France, Italy and America studying here in Spain. Now why am I insisting you to study in Spain is because as an international student we wish to find a university abroad that has affordable tuition fee and there are many public universities that has fees ranging from 2000-6000€. This also depends on your course. If there is some really popular course then its tuition fees can be slightly on the higher side.

But on an average I told you what is the range of the fees. On the screen you can see some public Spanish universities that have a very low tuition fees. So if you’re looking for an affordable study abroad destination then Spain can be the country for you. The second reason is the low cost of living compared to other European nations. You can easily find shared or individual accommodation in university campus itself. If I talk about the city I am in right now, Zaragoza, here the rent is averagely 250€, if you move towards Barcelona or Madrid then it can increase upto 350-400€.

But the total cost of living including all expenditure is somewhere around 500-600€. Thirdly, there are many top notch universities in Spain that have maintained their QS international ranking consistently. Also, the best part is that the Spanish universities focus on practical and real life relevant studies. So you will find quality education here in Spain. Fourth reason, now some people can take this as a setback that why should you study here and learn Spanish language but I understand this to be an asset as Spanish is the second widest spoken language in the world and if you’re getting an opportunity to learn it then why miss that?

Now next is not a reason but actually a question that many students have that can you study here without IELTS. Then there are some universities that do not require IELTS but you’ll need that in mostly universities. Also, don’t consider IELTS to be a hurdle you can just take the test and easily score 5.5 bands that is the minimum requirement here. But still, on the screen is a list of the universities that do not require IELTS.

Now talking about free education then I’d say it’s a 50-50 situation. The tuition fee that I mentioned earlier can be exempted either partially or completely with some university or government scholarship the link to which you can find easily on the university portal. So you can actually in a grab free education here. Now talking about the stay back options. Then you get a year extension to stay back after the completion of your bachelors or masters degree and in that time you can get a job or start your own business. Then for the permanent resident permit after five years of continuous stay here.

Now about the part time jobs, you can legally work 20 hours a week here and earn 6-10€/hour. I met some Pakistani students here who were working at KFC. So similarly you can work here in restaurants, fast food joints or in delivery services as well and earn decently to bear your living expenses. As for the job probability. The employability ratio is high in Spain so there is more chance to get a job and you can expect to earn around 14,000€ after the completion of your studies. For visa acceptance, Spain has high student visa acceptance rate so there are more chances that you’ll get a student visa as compared to other European countries.

In conclusion to all this as an international student what do you expect from a country? Affordable tuition fees and cost of living, visa acceptance rate and part time job opportunities. So all that is here what else do you need? And I am living here and literally I am in love with this country it is among my favorites. In the coming videos I’ll explain how can you apply in Spanish Universities.

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